Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thesis Character Sheet

This is the character sheet for my thesis comic at school. Basically I'm telling a version of The Ungrateful Son, which is a paragraph long "fairy tale" collected by the Brothers Grimm. If you really want to read it you can find it online somewhere but basically what happens is a greedy son gets a frog stuck on his face and wanders around for the rest of his life alone, miserable and with a frog on his face. In my version, the frog is a pan-dimensional parasite. cliched? perhaps. Fun to draw? Fuck yeah. And I added a few extra characters in order for me to be able to bitch about things I hate over the course of the story as well.
From left to right: The Hippie, The Artist, The Son with Parasite, The Fairy (top), The Son's Son: Bleep Blorp(bottom), The Father

Thursday, December 2, 2010