Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Word Sounds Dribbling out of your Mouth Hole

I love it when someone asks you a question, and you begin to answer without thinking about what you're saying or what you're going to say, and then about halfway through your answer, you start to realize that the word sounds dribbling out of your mouth hole don't really reflect your true opinion. But then you begin to wonder if your "true" opinions are what you REALLY think, or if your "true" opinions are just the ideas and opinions that've been pumped into your system by everything, and everyone, that surrounds you. Do the things that we say when we're not paying attention reflect our inner, most basic, instinctual, honest thoughts? Does thought delude, how we really feel, with morals and concepts that've been force fed to us since birth?
I'd like to think that it doesn't.
That we have complete control over our own thoughts. That our opinions are ours, and our's alone.
As if we have a little secret sanctuary that is our mind.


The truth may very well be otherwise.

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