Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EPIC POST-THANKSGIVING POST: Or, My Descent from Sobriety into teh Abyss and Back; Or MIND-DROPPING UPDATE 11/30

Oh, well hello, I didn't see you reading this post. Hi, I'm The Cartoonist. Today, I will treat you to a very special post. It chronicles the EPIC adventure into the Deep, Dark, DANGEROUS Realms..of intoxication, that I took this Thanksgiving Break. Enjoy.
We begin the journey before the journey begins, I was super adrenalized off of the notion of Thanksgiving Break beginning the next day so I did this Mind-Dropping in a fit of Pre-Break Joy.
Intoxometer: 0
High on Life-o-meter: 10

My journey officially began during the last five panels of this comic. I had started doing it on the day before the break but never finished. I slowly added more and more until the day of my best good friend Vlad's Thanksgiving Get-Together. There, I began to start my descent.
Intoxometer: 2

This comic was a party long endeavor. You can kinda tell as the panels progress. This is my tribute to my friends from back home. They are some of the best-good people I know.
Intoxometer (Panels 1-3): 3
Intoxometer (Panels 4-7): 6
Intoxometer (Panels 6): 7
Intoxometer (Panels Everything Else): 8.2

So this was a post party comic from the same night. I was pretty fucked up at this point. I noticed that the level of terrible cross hatching reflects my level of intoxication. The more hatching there is the more incoherent I was.
Intoxometer: 10

Soon after that debacle of a comic, I foolishly tried to actually write a comic about something relevant. I forgot that since the zumbie comic I had gone to my friend Sean's house after Vlad's and become even more intoxicated. It started out rather decent and then just devolved into a fart joke...but that's ok, I was fucked up.
P.S. An awesome movie called Wild Zero was on in the background. It's an epic Japanese Alien Zombie B Movie starring the equally epic Japanese Punk Band Guitar Wolf.
Here's a clip:
Intoxometer: 12

And then I walked home and passed out.
Intoxometer: ??

So the next day I re-read all the absurdity that I had crapped out the night before and decided to redeem myself by doing a good version of the subway comic.
Intoxometer: 0
(Stay Tuned after the Post for a XTRA SPECIAL XTRA COMIC!)

This is where the word "remembnar" came from originally. It was another jam comic that was done with Lisey-Mop. We followed the rules we made up for the jam comic that was posted in the last Mind-Dropping Update.
Guest Starring Danny DeVito