Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mind Dropping Update! 11/18

This ones based off of a little experience that was experienced yesterday with Lisey-Mop of the blog Cartoonie Pop. We were sitting in the Cartooning and Illustration administration office of SVA, the savagely run business that we like to call an art school. We had been sitting there for a good hour now.
The construction of the room is oddly rectangular, more narrow than it is wide. Apparently these dimensions were having an adverse affect on Lisey-Mop as she shifted from side to side in her chair, nervously. "What's up?" I asked. "I dunno...I feel super anxious..." she replied.
"But you've seen Woodruff(our department head) before haven't you?)
"Yeah, but I never had to wait this long...I think its the room..."
"Whats wrong with the room?"
"I don't know...its giving me anxiety, I don't like it..."
And then I said in a overly deep and husky voice: "Is it....EEEEVIL?" And punctuated my statement with a ridiculous face and gesture much like the one featured in panel 4 of the comic.
Then she started laughing and I started drawing.
The End.
(Yes I am aware that the ending to the true account of events is particularly with it.)

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  1. he lies. the eyeballs are the only true part of the story. we werent even in a room. woodruff's waiting area is in another dimension where everything just floats in a big black abyss. with eyeballs. and anxiety.